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Are you an indie-makers, side-hustlers, or entrepreneurs who want to grow your skills? Check out the latest and most fantastic resources for entrepreneurs here. We have articles, podcasts, videos, and other resources to help you build, grow, and supercharge your skills.

Find out what other entrepreneurs are doing to grow their skills.

Zupermaker - 1000+ tools & resources to grow and supercharge your skills | Product Hunt

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Zupermaker - 1000+ tools & resources to grow and supercharge your skills | Product Hunt

What is ZuperMaker?

A growing directory of the very best resources to empower entrepreneurs and makers. We curate the best articles, podcasts, newsletters, influencer lists, books, guides, training, free resources, and much more every week.

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Who is it for?

This directory is the ultimate go-to resource for entrepreneurs, startup founders, indie-makers, side-hustlers and anyone delivering digital products or services. This stack of resources will save you time scouring the web for the best information as we're constantly updating ZuperMaker with the best possible resources.

How does it work?

Using ZuperMaker could not be easier. It's an ever-growing directory of resources build with Airtable, organized and searchable by category, keywords or framework. You simply search and find inspirational advice, great new tools and so much more. As well as this, you'll get a bi-weekly email with the newest updates in each category. Ensuring your skills remain sharp!

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Filter through categories, types and tags. No skills required. It’s a clean, modern and highly customizable tool.

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You can use Zupermaker wherever you are on any mobile or desktop device.

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The resources and tools in Zupermaker will make you insanely efficient. Be more productive!

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We curate the best tools, articles, resources and more to help you build your startup and entrepreneur skills.

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I made Zupermaker with the mission to make these fantastic resources available for all tremendous people who are putting their heart and mind to create a product and services that will impact change, big and small. 

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All the help is appreciated to keep this service live and kicking.

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